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PFL-B01 Automatic cable crimping machine
PFL-B01 Automatic cable crimping machine

  • PFL-B01
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    Crimping capacity: Single side

    Terminal:Bulk terminals

    Measurement: 80*60*145cm

Product Details


1.With the inverter-driven,it makes the machine without the mechanized operation delay and failure from 

the traditional clutch,and simplify internal mechanical parts,reduce the wearing or replacement. 

2.Large torque,small vibration,high stability,quiet working.Ensure the right amount of force when crimping 

the terminals to wires.

3.Work with a variety of straight,horizontal moulds,various terminals can be crimped in one machine by 

changing the molds.

4.There is the upward and downward punch on the panel,do not need to shake the spindle with a wrench 

when debugging the mould.

5.Adjust the machine working range 1-20times,the working interval time range 0-20min.

Apply for:

Connection with the ressistance of neon,LED and wires.

Slide switch is connected to the wires.

Connect the high temperature of the heating elements.

Sensitive components(such as reed switches,termperature fuses) connection.

Transformer tap connections with wires.

Headphone cable card,set the pipeline fixed.

Wire and lead connections.


Available Wire Diameter:0.03 ~
Available Stripping Length for Head:1.0~15.0mm(half stripping:2.0~12.0mm)
Available Stripping Length for Tail:1.0~8.0mm(half stripping:2.0~6.0mm)
Available Cutting Length:30~9999mm
Cutting Tolerance: 1mm(0.002L)  (L=Cutting Length)
Working Wore:One wire
Crimping Mold:Cross-transmission mold,direct-transmission mold
Crimping Capacity:Single side
Crimping Speed:5000 ~ 6000pcs/h
Twisting Capacity:Tail side twisting
Crimping   Machine:1.5/2.0/2.5Ton crimping machines,1pc
Display:7 inch touch screen,PLC control
Power:AC210-240V 50/60Hz 10A
Compressed Air:0.5Mpa
Temperature:5 ~ 35

Working video:

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