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PFL-1500WD Flat cable stripping crimping machine
PFL-1500WD Flat cable stripping crimping machine

  • PFL-1500WD
  • Crimping capacity: 1.5Ton

    Available wire:AWG32#-18#

    Stripping length:2-6mm


Product Details


1.Designed for the process of strpping the wire and then crimping the terminals on the wires.

2.With the inverter-driven,it makes the machine without the mechanized operation delay and failure from 

the traditional clutch,and simplify internal mechanical parts,reduce the wearing or replacement. 

3.Large torque,small vibration,high stability,quiet working.Ensure the right amount of force when crimping 

the terminals to wires.

4.This machine has self contained generator which is a quick and economical power source,It also has three 

options for operation:automatic,manual,and a continuation device for saving time

5.You can adjust the continuation device according to the type of wire you use.After each crimping the machine

will be in a ready,position for another crimping.

6.The stripped-rubber is collected in a convenient way,so complications are avoided.

7.The special designed digital knob allows you to adjust the cutting depth without having to disassemble the machine.

It has an accuracy range within 0.05mm.

Apply for:

Connection with the ressistance of neon,LED and wires.

Slide switch is connected to the wires.

Connect the high temperature of the heating elements.

Sensitive components(such as reed switches,termperature fuses) connection.

Transformer tap connections with wires.

Headphone cable card,set the pipeline fixed.

Wire and lead connections.


Crimping Capacity:1.5Ton
Available Wire:AWG#18~AWG#32 
Available Stripping Length:2-6mm
Applied Terminals :Seperated terminals,Various continuous termicals
Operation:Single-action pedal
Motor:Asynchronous motor AC220V 400W
Power: AC110V/220V 50/60Hz
Air Pressure:5kgf/cm2-6kgf/cm2

Working video:

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